1. " i am mine. before I am ever anyone else’s " -i n

  2. #TB to the day @asballinaspossible showed me how to kick some real a**!! #Addidas #girlboss

  3. Droppin’ my name everywhere I go… (at Salt Lake City, Utah)

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    Serge Lutens’ 資生堂INOUI Commercials, 1989

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  6. I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more…[photographed by @michaelblankphotography]


  8. "You need a person who will make your projects shine, and can stimulate you. My ‘art’ is a tedious fight with myself. It is the loneliness itself. If you have a person who can bring cheer to you when you want to stop dreaming, your life itself will be “art.”"

    Hajin Bae  via The Huffington Post (via soulist-aurora)

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    We miss each other
    because we don’t want to
    forget about the feeling
    that we used to think
    was so alive and well.

    We love each other
    because we don’t want to
    give up on this just yet.

    We need each other
    because we don’t want to
    lie in this bed alone,
    reminding ourselves that we
    could have tried harder.

    And we cling to each other
    because we are still
    not ready to let go.


  10. "I really buy into the idea that practice is the most important thing for getting better at something, and I want to be a better filmmaker. The more I can do it, the more I can develop the skills I want to have."

    Joe Swanberg

    We talked to the American indie auteur about Happy Christmas and his unique working methods

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    Get Your Hair Wet!!





    Special delivery!


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  14. Keep Calm and Dance On 💃 (at Chinatown)

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