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  4. "You will do anything to make
    anyone love you. Whether it be
    believing in something that
    you know nothing about,
    or changing who you are
    completely to get someone
    to fall in love with you. Have you
    ever been someone who is
    not so temporary, so changeable?
    Or have you always molded
    yourself into something that
    someone else desires? I wonder
    how many people you have
    become just to be someone’s
    everything, or how much time
    you’ve wasted on reinventing
    yourself to fulfill someone
    else’s expectations. I want to
    tell you that you are perfect
    just as you are, but you’ve
    put on so many disguises
    that I’m not sure which one
    is really you."
    — "Who are you?" - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)

  6. "I’ve been thinking about you
    a lot lately, and for once these
    thoughts are not made up
    of wishing you were here.
    These thoughts contain
    the truth of our love, and
    just how much I really did
    salvage trying to get you
    to stay. Sometimes I wonder
    if what we really had was
    the real thing, the actual
    kind of love that made others
    look at us with envy. But then
    I remember everything
    you had promised me but
    never kept, and I am back
    to the thought of how much
    your absence has allowed me
    to understand what love
    really is and how we never
    had what we always craved."
    — "It wasn’t what we thought," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)

  7. mostlyfiction:

    You will say anything
    to try to get me to see
    that everything you
    once wanted no longer
    has anything to do with me.

  8. #FBF to last #Wednesday at #EdSheeran’s #Concert. #Thankyou to my #producer @drewlanester for hooking it up! 😏 Had a blast with @green_eyed_pav !! (at Staples Center)

  9. "I’d rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck." Photo by Scott Cronan (@cinemabandit) Hair by @Tracihairart Makeup by @freedomsunshine Styled by @wickedfixx (at The Jesus Wall)

  10. #latepost #Happy #Birthday to this #independent #woman! @lislovesu She is one of the #dopest girls you will ever meet!She gets me, listens to me and has always been a shoulder to cry on. (I could go on and on but then I’d just write an essay) Thank you for your #friendship and can’t wait to make more memories with you! (at Laurel Hardware)

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  12. Writing session for the #48hrfilmfestival with @4pplic4ble @ianedwardscomic @benchristopherdavid @bigboyjordz (at City of San Bernardino)

  13. Working with these asses today on #set @4pplic4ble @ianedwardscomic @benchristopherdavid @bigboyjordz @ag_psycho (at Reche Canyon)

  15. "When was the last time someone ran their fingers through the knots of your soul?" (at Noho Arts District)